The "Quick Strap" - $140 Shipped For Free In 1 Week
The "Quick Strap" - $140 Shipped For Free In 1 Week

The "Quick Strap" - $140 Shipped For Free In 1 Week

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With a limited quantity available and guaranteed 1-week ship time, you will not find a custom radio strap quicker at this quality. 

So what is the "Quick Strap" anyways? 

We took the most commonly ordered radio strap to date and made it available to your door quicker than we have ever been able to do it before. This strap is made of black leather, red stitch and black hardware. We didn't cheapen anything on the design of this strap. It uses the same high quality leather and hardware that all of our radio straps use and the same craftmanship is applied in the production process.

Is it customizable?

Yes, it is. On the "Quick Strap" we are limiting the customization to the stamping of a name and outlining the letters in one color. These are the only options available for this strap.

Why are we offering this?

We know firefighters want things now, because we are the same way. We made this available to provide an option to the firefighters that are looking for a high quality radio strap with their name on it, and quick.

What if I want more options?

If you are looking for dual color paint, custom stamps, different leather and stitch colors, etc check out our Radio Strap Combo below. Here you will be able to customize every aspect of your strap. The only downside, you will have to wait the current lead time for your item.